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Custom Web Applications

We have written web applications that are both stand-alone and integrate into CRM systems. With a custom web app you get a modern device-agnostic user experience that is custom-built to answer your business need. We optimise for all screen sizes, ensuring we cache data for offline functionality – guaranteeing you and your staff get a consistent and reliable experience.

Sugar for mobile

Looking for your own bespoke Sugar Mobile experience? CRM Strategy has created a template mobile sugar app that you can brand, customise and deploy to your staff to suit your own business’ needs.

Report building

While all CRMs have reporting features, it can sometimes be a challenge to create the specific report you’re looking for. Our data specialists are willing and able to craft any report you may need. And if the native CRM reporting system isn’t able to provide the what you’re seeking, we have access to BI tools to create more detailed reports and custom realtime on-screen experiences.

SLA’s Silver-Platinum

For customers with mission critical systems we offer a range of SLA levels, from Silver to Platinum. SLAs ensure your request, triaged by severity and SLA type is fast-tracked to the appropriate support staff for timely resolution. SLA reports are sent on a regular basis to customers, detailing a full breakdown of all support requests and actions in the period.

Technical support

CRM Strategy offers support for all products and services. All requests for support are logged via an automated ticketing system. Works conducted are supported by a full warranty, while out of warranty support requests are billed in 15 min blocks of time. All work is reported back to the customer, detailing the issue, ticket number, log date, resolution and time to resolve. Proactive support such as proactive server support packages are also available, where CRM Strategy staff regularly health-check the state of your system and advise of any potential issues.

Concierge service

Sometimes an organization is so complex the challenge of implementing a CRM seems overwhelming. In other words – you don’t know what you don’t know. To help with onboarding and improve your CRM experience we offer a concierge service, where one or more of our staff work with you for a period of time on-premise. These staff activity engage at all levels, from on the spot training to building reports, or proactively raising opportunities for process-improvement. It’s like having a staff member of your own who’s fully trained in all the nuances of your system, at your complete disposal.

Provisioning industry-tailored CRM

Businesses are unique, but industries share many common attributes. Leveraging our 25+ years’ experience in the CRM domain, we are able to tune a generic CRM experience to something that is bespoke to your industry. We know the differences in the sales pipeline and customer engagement models and if we don’t, we’ll work with you to ensure language, flow and experience are something you and your staff are familiar with so you can hit the ground running.

CRM Auditing

Is your current CRM delivering on its promise? Are you getting real business benefits? We provide a service to audit your current CRM and deliver a report on all aspects of its performance in the context of your stated business needs. Audits cover both technical and business function and are supervised by a Senior Architect. Once the audit is complete, we provide the results to you with no obligation.