CRM Strategy releases new SugarCRM-based toolset for the Construction industry.

Find Win Control–Projects is a powerful new tool enabling business discovery, sales and successful project delivery.

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Melbourne, Vic. Today, CRM Strategy, an Australian CRM consultancy and implementation company announced a custom toolset designed for the discovery and good governance of projects. Based on a preconfigured version of the world renowned Sugar CRM platform, ‘Find Win Control–Projects’ is made for any business managing project-based work, such as Construction, Manufacturing, Civil infrastructure / Roads, and the Landscaping / revegetation industries.

Of the new toolset, Brett Cruickshank, CRM Strategy CEO remarked, ‘After working closely with our clients, we realised that putting technology aside for a moment, what they were really looking for was a way to win new work and at the same time protect existing projects from delivery-penalties. They needed something that was both easy to get running and deeply powerful. We chose Sugar CRM as the core platform then built in customisations based on what we learned from our 26+ years in CRM.  From early feedback, our clients are loving it.’

Find Win Control-Projects delivers three key outcomes:

  • (Find) Enables the discovery of new projects through a combination of pre-configured integrations with existing project-aggregators such as BCI, and custom functions within the CRM such as advanced contact networking and KPI tools for BDM staff.
  • (Win) Built upon the core technology of Sugar Sell, sales staff take advantage of a proven and award winning system, augmented with sales performance, forecasting and key account management features.
  • (Control) Provides Managers and owners control of projects by making important governance decisions transparent to all parties, with advanced pipeline tools and reporting designed to reduce or eliminate contract penalties and claw-backs.

About CRM Strategy: CRM Strategy is Australia’s largest and longest-running Sugar CRM partner. Based in Melbourne, Vic, Australia it also has offices in Sydney. CRM Strategy has been in the business of CRM for over 26 years and is Australia’s premiere Sugar CRM Elite Partner.

For more on Find Win Control-Projects, check out the project page.

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