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Your Melbourne based CRM partner no matter size or industry. From marketing and strategy to complete customer and sales lifecycle management, we understand CRM in Australia. 

Your success is our priority. 

With over 25 years exclusively focusing on CRM in Australia, we know the technology and and the process that deliver real business outcomes. Learn more here.

Get going fast in 30 business days.

With the CRM Strategy Performance Office you can go from nothing to a functional CRM system in 30 business days. Learn more here.

Ignite your marketing performance. 

Campaign design and delivery, web traffic, site usage, automatic A/B testing, sentiment analysis and more for pinpoint targeting, all connected in realtime to your CRM.  Learn more here.

Explode your sales with powerful tools. 

Automation, sales forecasting, customer journey planning, sales pipelines and more give you the tools you need to improve the bottom line. Learn more here.

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SugarCRM empowers your marketing, sales and services teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle for more meaningful, memorable experiences. Capture the attention of your most promising prospects. Create more meaningful experiences and build lasting relationships.

CRM Strategy is a Sugar Elite Partner with a capacity to integrate your existing systems and scale your SugarCRM application to suit the growth of your business, no matter its size.  With four PC Mag Business Choice awards for Best Customer Experience, SugarCRM is powerful, flexible and will scale with your needs.

Zoho One

Zoho One is an Operating System for your business. Integrated, online applications help you manage and automate business processes across your organisation. Choose apps that address your pain points, then deploy them to your employees. Every app comes with a mobile version, so you can work wherever you go.

With over forty connected applications in the Zoho One suite, your organisation will have access to a vast range of capabilities that are ready to use out of the box. Open and extensible, Zoho One has dedicated applications that address your marketing, customer support and remote working needs.  CRM Strategy is able to extend this functionality even further with our ability to customise or even build entirely new features into the suite.

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Marketing Strategy

How do I create a marketing strategy with a CRM?

The days of sending an email campaign to a list and hoping for a response are gone. By combining your EDM and other marketing tools with your CRM you gain the benefit of building a complete client picture, allowing you to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Start by synchronising your CRM lists with your marketing tools. Some CRM applications such as SugarCRM or Zoho have this function built in. Decide upon how best and when to communicate with your list. Time of day and channel (such as email, SMS or social) can be determined by reviewing open rates.  Some tools will automatically calculate this. 

Automatically monitor the response to the campaigns and use the tools to redirect prospects to followup campaigns or further nurturing depending on their responses. When combined with sentiment analysis based on any responses they give, you will be able to feed these clients into more targeted follow up campaigns. Finally, determine the revenue generated from your campaign activity by having the CRM report against opportunities won for a complete picture.

This is just one method out of many. Get in touch to discuss your marketing plans.

How can I increase sales with a CRM?

Knowledge is power, so they say.

If your CRM is implemented correctly it becomes a trusted single source of truth for your entire business. Capture and store all relevant conversations between you and your clients, be they emails, phone records, text messages or social posts. In this way, you gain a complete history of promises made, client concerns, issues and wins.

Integrated sales forecasting and opportunity management mean you have complete clarity about the sales pipeline, and by using the automatic analysis tools and exception reporting you are always on the front foot. Never walk into a meeting unprepared again by having the latest information wherever you are, be it in the office or in the field by using mobile or tablet apps.

Aquire new clients smoothly through integrated marketing tools, and save time servicing them by system-wide automation that frees staff to work on more productive tasks.

Have a sales goal in mind? Speak to us about the best way to achieve it.

Increase sales
Customer journey

What is a Customer Journey?

A customer journey map is your wholistic guide to interacting with your clients to achieve a goal. 

Do you want more lead conversions? Increase customer satisfaction? Boost sales? Gain a wholistic client view?

Working from a customer journey map, you and your staff stay in control and accountable. Journey maps are tools that take guesswork out of important stages in the interaction with customers and not only increase customer satisfaction but improve conversion rates for new prospects.

Have a chat to us about how to set up your own customer journeys.

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What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. When correctly implemented, your CRM program improves the quality of your organisation's engagement with your customers and potential customers. It's also known as customer retention management software.

Modern CRM software is cloud-based and runs on all devices (from desktop to mobile) and enables your staff to track conversations, no matter how or when they were had, create and monitor sales pipelines and forecasts and manage your customer service and marketing.

Quality CRM systems are designed around user and client security, and also have advanced tools such as Artificial Intelligence, automation and sentiment analysis for providing automatic insights into the current state of your relationship with your customers.

Questions about CRM? Just ask us.

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signs - choosing a CRM

How do I Choose a CRM?

With so many CRM systems in the market, and all of them promising to offer the complete solution to your organisation's needs, where do you start? Oddly enough, you don't start with the tool. It's easy to get caught in the hype around any given technology, but just like you don't start building a house without a blueprint, you shouldn't start with the CRM and try to reverse-engineer your needs into its structure. Whilst most CRMs share the same basic goals, how they operate can be vastly different.

Instead, start by asking what is the biggest pain point in your business, and what will happen if you don't address it. Does the software deal with this naturally or will there be customisation? Will the tool scale with your needs? What is the cost per user? Are there hidden costs in maintaining the system?

Most importantly, do you plan to go it alone or work with a partner to help you through the process?  As a partner to many organisations that have implemented CRM successfully, we know the pitfalls and also how to get fast wins. We'd love to discuss the process with you. 

CRM Strategy - Your Australian CRM expert.

At CRM Strategy we focus on business outcomes first, and technology second. We believe that tools should fit the need. 

With over 25 years experience solely developing CRM solutions in Australia across many industry verticals, we've delivered hundreds of successful projects. Among our services we offer CRM consultancy and custom CRM development. We partner with industry leading technologies including SugarCRM, Zoho and Amazon and have a full time Melbourne-based staff comprised of Analysts, Data Scientists and custom CRM developers, all supported by a friendly and dedicated Customer Success Team. We offer the best CRM for small business, large enterprise and businesses in-between.

But enough about us. We want to learn about you and your needs. Let's have a conversation.

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