Spend three or spend twenty

– A productivity note –

Let’s be honest. No-one likes entering data. Sometimes it feels like following a process just for the sake of it, or worse yet, a total waste of time.

But time is at the heart of this conversation. Saving time.

Just say you’ve come from a meeting. It went well, and things are looking good to close the deal. Back at the office, you need to brief your support team, and so you have the meeting. As usual, not everyone can be in the same room at the same time.  No problem. You start sending emails… Later on, Jasmine from support corners you in the hall. She missed that email, but if she could just get five minutes of your time…

We did a few simple calculations and came up with a surprising insight. There is a six to seven-times cost multiplier by not recording the right kind of notes. Or to put it more meaningfully: recording the notes in the right way.

We think about corporate memory in terms of ease of access to critical information. Very rarely is just one person involved in a client interaction, and so the need to have the right information to the right people at the right time is crucial.

Here’s how:

  • After a meeting, use your Sugar CRM or Zoho CRM mobile app to open the account
  • Create a note
  • Quickly type a note header
  • Use Siri (iPhone) or Google Voice (Android) to dictate your note
  • Save the note, and you’re done

With a CRM, once the note is in, it becomes part of that client’s history, accessible to everyone who needs to know. It is complete and contextually relevant, linked to other conversations, notes, emails and business opportunities. It becomes part of the story of that client’s journey with your organisation.

And the best part is: you can take those seventeen minutes you saved and grab a coffee, check out other opportunities and spring into the next call.


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