CRM Strategy + Zoho: Fast results & Flexibility

Zoho CRM. What can we say? We’ve used a lot of software over the 25 years of being in the business of CRM, and we think Zoho One may be a game changer.  Like other application suites, Zoho One has pros and cons, but in our view the sheer volume of applications and capabilities available in the suite is overwhelmingly positive.

We’re not alone in this sentiment either. In this Forbes Article, Zoho ranks highest of all CRMs surveyed in the Emotional Footprint Software Review (2019) for popularity with its users. This reflects our own experience. As we’ve increasingly incorporated Zoho tools into our own workflows, we can confidently state that Zoho is adding real value to our business.

Zoho One is a powerful collection of tools at a seriously attractive price point designed to meet most needs with a minimum of configuration. If you haven’t used a CRM before or are looking to streamline your business systems with a simple to use, effective tool-set then Zoho One may just be the system for you.

zoho one screen

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