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1. Ownership and control of your CRM system and data..

” Whether you deploy Sage SalesLogix in the Cloud, On-Premises, orin a Hybrid environment, you always maintain total control of yoursystem and ownership of your data. Easily upgrade, migrate fromOn-Premises to the Cloud, or bring your data in-house when it makessense for your business.

2. Superior mobile and tablet support so your usersstay productive on the go.

Whether connected or disconnected, Sage SalesLogix Mobile3increases your productivity with a rich CRM experience. Access your CRMdata on the go using Android™, iPhone®, iPad®,BlackBerry®, and other devices at no additional charge.

3. Easy usability and intuitive functionality enhancesproductivity for your team.

mobilesYour team will be up and running quickly with Sage SalesLogix thanksto the easy-to-learn-and-use interface. Realize high useracceptance, low learning curves, and rapid productivity from your team.

4. Industry-leading integration capabilities for a 360°view of your customers.


The ability to integrate with business management applications,desktop productivity tools, web services, and social media helpsestablish a complete, holistic view of each customer.

5. State-of-the-art technology platform helps ensuremaximum ROI for your business.


Define and automate key business processes, implement bestpractice workflows, and use sophisticated security and administrationcapabilities to get the most from your CRM solution.

6. Reporting and analytics solutions enable actionableinsights from your CRM information.

Sage SalesLogix offers a suite of powerful reporting andanalytics tools that give visibility into your sales activities andbusiness operations, enabling informed decision making for users at alllevels.

7. Multiple deployment options—Cloud, On-Premises, orHybrid—to fit your IT strategy.

Deploy Sage SalesLogix using the method that fits your IT and business preferences, strategies, and industry. Whichever deployment you choose, your data is always secure and accessible and you won’t be hit with surprise charges.

8. Advanced customization capabilities to tailor the application to your unique environment.

Don’t change the way you do business to accommodate your CRMsolution. Personalize, configure, and customize Sage SalesLogixto make it your own.

9. Flexible license and payment options to suit your financial needs.

Buy, finance, or subscribe to Sage SalesLogix—the choice isyours. Select from multiple license types (named, concurrent, andflex), mix-and-match, and align users’ roles with appropriate licenses.

10. Global ecosystem of Sage partners, developers, andcustomers support your CRM success.

Leverage the knowledge of Sage Business Partners, ISVs, and avibrant Sage SalesLogix user community for local support andspecialized expertise for your CRM initiative.


The Domain Specialist in the Customer Relationship Management Space

CRM Strategy is a boutique consulting company providing high levels of value to a select group of clients who are served over many years. CRM’s team are specialists in a wide variety of business processes and technology that enable the team to deliver unique solutions to business problems, that are measured by business results.

CRM has been serving it’s clients for nearly 17 years and is considered a domain specialist in the CRM space, but more simply, this means that we understand how to integrate systems into single views to allow the business to make the best possible decisions when required.

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Can I just say how delighted I am that we put in a request for some simple changes to our website and those changes proceeded quickly and smoothly. You wouldn’t believe what a relief that is after all the BS we have been through in the last 6 months.

Keep it up and I am sure we will have a long business relationship.

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