Bespoke CRM solution solves compliance and sales issues

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  • The challenge

    Health funds had a difficult compliance problem

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    Strict APRA rules meant health funds needed to stop reporting from spreadsheets and stand-alone databases to remain compliant. This was a critical issue. At the same time, they wanted a way to quick-start new hires so they could sell faster, but also provide exactly the right coverage from a vast array of products.


  • Taking a different approach

    A single solution to solve two problems

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    The compliance problem could easily have been a stand-alone project. Instead of doing that, we approached the challenge differently. What if we worked from the other end and made the selling process automatically compliant to start with? So that’s what we did, and for the cost of solving the compliance requirement we also solved the sales one in a single solution.

    Taking a different approach

  • The solution

    A digital sales mentor

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    The creation of a bespoke digital sales mentor meant that any salesperson, even if it was their first day would sell the best product for the right price to their customer. This on-rails experience guaranteed compliance while automatically auditing correspondence, transaction, and sales. By developing the digital sales mentor, we were able to unify a fragmented processes into one integrated platform.

  • What did that mean for the funds?

    Problem solved

    After the system rollout, the funds had full APRA compliance, increased sales volume, and reduced client churn though better product matching. With fewer errors they managed multiple FTE cost savings and the managers were freed to focus on performance as opposed to reporting.

    What did that mean for the funds?

  • Built for the future

    The only constant is change

    As they say, the only constant is change. We designed the system to change with the funds’ needs, supporting multiple brands, locations, security levels, integrations and much more.

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