Why are CRM systems so internally focused and are not involving the client ?

For 21 years, since CRM was called contact management, We have watched the software solutions evolve and I am stunned that with all the innovation in technology, web, internet and smart mobile phones, the client is still not involved in the natural flow of communications.

What do we have ? A CRM system, connected to the email system, connected to the diary and not connected to the customer.
Systems today have the team building a picture of the customer, get feeds from google, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We build customer profiles about projects and opportunities, ranking projects, deal statuses, supposed next steps, deal blockers or whatever language you use in your sales process.

Except, the customer is working on the buying process, have their own decisions, questions and thoughts to complete that don’t map to the wonderful sales process we have all paid thousands for.

Why are systems not involving the client in the process of creating a project so a true partnership can be created ?

In the movies it’s the fourth wall.

As is stands now, consultants note and draft designed behind the wall, and the client waits to find out what the vendor might be thinking. When they meet, the clash occurs, the information is shared and the corrections start. Such a waste of time and effort.

Systems and platforms need to stop focusing on features and functions that manage data and processes internally and start to share the data with the client so they can collaborate for a better solution for all.

System delivery today should be about aligning ourselves with our clients and collaborating for for the best result. 

At CRM, we are investing heavily to break the 4th wall and build methods to involve the client and stop the guessing.

If you have an interest in getting involved and helping solving the problem and potentially get a solution for yourself, please get in touch and become part of the working party.

Contact brettc@www.crmstrategy.com.au with your details and we will be delighted to discuss you being included.

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