Weekly 09 – Case Study – Getting A Tech Adverse Team Onboard With Sugar

Getting a Tech-Adverse team to use Sugar
– Adoption through Results – 

Following last week’s post about driving user adoption, this week we’ll take a closer look at one customer’s experience.

Mike Leatherwood from W.O Grubb Steel Erectors was tasked with getting the sales team, who were both extremely busy and largely tech-adverse to adopt Sugar. As he writes:
“I was brought on to find and track down leads for our sales team. These are guys who work at 100 miles an hour. So you can imagine it’s not easy for them to find time—and the willingness—to learn something new.”
So how did he move from resistance to buy-in to Sugar? By talking the longer-term view and making sure every level of the business had their say.

The real question is whether the team is seeing results.

“The spiral notebook is now their smartphone—talk to it and throw (save) it in that cabinet. It organizes their notes and makes it easy to find the right lead when they open it back up. It’s all there.”

So having run this process, what are the lessons that Mike would pass on to someone to get a sales team to adopt Sugar?

  1. Start things off right: Take the time to get the system locked down and configured so that the team has confidence.
  2. Make sure it’s personal: Work with the team one-on-one. Guide them both as a group and individually.
  3. See things from their perspective: Hear their concerns, understand their needs.
  4. Refine your sales pitch: By understanding their processes, explain the efficiencies Sugar brings.
  5. Listen to team feedback: Find out what is wanted, needed or lacking.
  6. Get management buy-in: Sugar is an end-to-end system, so make sure management are active users.

At the end the end of the day, he notes, the process is ongoing, but the rewards are tangible.

“Now, they’re being productive way beyond even what they thought possible.”

If you’d like to read the full article, you can find it here.

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