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As your organisation grows, you need the confidence that your tools and partners grow with you. With the announced acquisition of Sugar CRM by Accel-KKR, Sugar is on track to double its size in the next three years, boosting its offerings to support your company with even higher levels of performance.

You can find out more about this here.

And speaking of velocity, Sugar V8 has launched with speed improvements and a host of refinements and new features to let you and your staff work faster and better.

Go from 5 Minutes to 5 Seconds

Working with leads and contacts with incomplete data is less than ideal, and slows down our ability to communicate effectively. Hint is a new tool available within Sugar that offers huge speed increases when working with leads and existing contacts.

Using Hint, you get a baseline strategy to ensure you’re always informed about who you’re doing business with. Hint saves time – automatically pulling information from 17 data sources and providing you the ability to insert it directly into the contact record. Using Hint, you stay current, up to date and in front.

Hint is part of the Sugar Productivity Suite. You can find out more about the suite, here.

Staying ahead of the game:

Performance Insights, a dedicated series of how-to videos and instructions are available for our clients with a current Helpdesk subscription. These short videos are available from directly within your Sugar environment, and are easily accessible by staff.

Geared toward specific outcomes, you can think of Performance Insights videos as a performance booster for staff looking to improve their day-to-day Sugar knowledge. They contain how-tos, why-tos and shortcuts for getting more done, faster.

In Focus: Mass Update

A client was recently faced with a challenge of updating a large number of contact records. The person responsible for this had not completed the task and the next morning, things were heating up. The phones were ringing and they desperately needed that information to be current in order to process sales. It was starting to look grim for the team.

Enter Sugar’s Mass Update feature. The Team Leader, remembering the Sugar’s Mass Update feature quickly turned things around. Within thirty minutes, she had updated hundreds of records, and the team was again able to handle sales calls, being fully informed.

You can learn more about Mass Update by checking out your Performance Insights module in Sugar.

Slow Down to Speed Up:

At CRM Strategy we don’t work with businesses, we work with people. We are fortunate to work with dedicated and passionate professionals, who care deeply about what they do. But as they say, life’s a journey, and at times parts of that journey can more challenging than others.

We’d like to call out that it’s worth taking the time to take time, to breathe and find peace of mind in a busy world.

Here’s a link we thought might be useful regarding peace of mind.

As part of our community development programme, we are involved with select not for profit organisations, who are advocates of mental health and issues in that domain. If you would like to know more, please contact

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