Success story – Marketing does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

The press always takes the time to report of the large marketing or business success in the market, but never seem to pick up the stories of smaller companies who succeed with a limited budget, but a long vision for success supported and just dedicated effort to succeed. 
We have a story of a client who had been in business for years but recognized that the client base was going to change and needed to manage client churn but better still needed to find new markets for product in a likely diminishing market. 

The options were clear to them, they needed to address their web site, needed to understand social media and needed to consider what their value was. Only through a review of these and support activities, could they start to create a messaging structure that their clients would consider important. 

The goal ? Build the brand and communicate their value in the market to support sales activities. 

It’s important to know what you are going to market. Something to generate sales activity now or something that supports you market position so others prospects will come to you (Branding). 

The plan executed was as follows : 

1. Newsletter and blogs on we site on a weekly basis. 2. Surveyed the customers for feedback on what was important.

3. Created and executed a social media strategy through Facebook that was very image centric to engage in branding and industry commentary.

4. Email campaigns for key events.

5. More surveying to find out what is working.

6. How to and value based blogs to help their clients be more profitable and succeed.

7. Changed internal and external systems to better align with the clients.

8. Changed the web site to target specific keywords that reflected their business.

9. Conducted an SEO strategy to target the keywords and move them over time into page 1 search ranking and keyword authority.

10. Ensured their web site was mobile friendly.

11. Keep communicating and adding value.

The result has helped the company move into primary position in their field and reach new markets, all the while create a process to execute a business strategy and gain feedback on its worth and success from the field quickly. 

The budget outcome ? 

Most of the work was done with internal staff with some occasional assistance from specialist (especially for SEO) along with some investment in some software tools. The key expense is time. You need to get the planning right to get the result right.

This is a template that is working time and time again and yet few of us create systematic communications and seek feedback on their value. The business value is of course helping your business stay on target but also be open to feedback to help correct poor processes and tactical failures when dealing the your clients. 

So, your systems need to have the following capabilities to success : 

1. A single system to store all your customers and contacts 

2. A method to create lists of who to send to and who not to send to.

3. An ability to segment the contacts into interest groups so your messages are more targeted.

4. A method to communicate with your clients to keep them informed and you top on mind for their future purchase.

5. A method to record the results of the communications effort so you are always improving your understand of your clients needs.

6. A method to obtain feedback in a survey format or the like so your clients can tell you if they have a problem.

If you don’t have these capabilities, and wish to discuss how we can help you gain these results, reach out to our team and we will be delighted to help you. 

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