Signal to Noise

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Data. There’s a lot of it.

Notes, to-dos, meetings, call logs, email chains, touch points… You name it.

These days, the challenge isn’t so much about getting data into a system, but making sense of what we have. With so many ways of organising or storing information, the question becomes one of finding the signal in all that noise.

The answer is context. Sugar is great at context.

So imagine we’ve had the meeting, dictated our notes to share with the team, booked a follow-up, set some tasks and updated the opportunity. That’s a lot of stuff, a lot of data, but how do we make sure that information is actioned?

Like this:
Advanced Workflows. 
(hint – This is the secret sauce.)

Set up Advanced Workflows to automate all the standard processes that you have to do, and free up time and head-space for more important things. You can create workflows to automate approval processes, escalate cases if they’ve been unattended, or send emails and change records – all of which is active in the background 24×7.
That note you entered in sugar? It may well be the trigger to schedule follow-up calls, book a meeting and update contact info – all without you having to do anything else.

Now you have the automation – where is the action list?

Configure Sugar dashboards to show upcoming meetings, clients that need follow ups, open tasks, promises made that are overdue, open opportunities or any number of other items. Dashboards are a glimpse of everything that matters — up to date and relevant to the day, week or month (in fact, any time period you like).

Look at the dashboard, click on a link and you’re right in front of the correct record, ready to take your next step.

But now you’re in the record – what’s the context?

Activity Streams.
These are automatic timelines of everything to do with a given client. Have you made a note? It will turn up here. Have you set a meeting or updated an opportunity – ditto. It’s an actionable, contextual list of everything to do with what you’re looking at – whether you or someone else on the team has had something to do with the record.

There are many other ways to find signal in the noise, but when we make use of Advanced WorkflowsDashboards and Activity Streams, the information becomes contextual and actionable.

More importantly, you get back the time to do what you’re great at!

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