Pac Man Selling

– Lead management and making the most of every opportunity – 

After a meeting this week, I was reminded of the requirement to have a process to manage leads, but not only that; struck by the need to change my view on leads.

The sales process that triggered this light-bulb moment, was called “PacMan Selling”.

Not my term.

Simply put, PacMan Selling is the systematic process to ask everyone you meet, everyone on the street, every lead in the system, everyone in the database, for an opportunity to offer your products and services.

Don’t prequalify, don’t judge — just ask.

Naturally, we all know this can be a challenge as the time required to do this can be vast. So, we need to be smart. Create automation to do much of the heavy-lifting and speak to the leads when they have reacted to the marketing activity.

I’ve seen this work time and time again. It happens when businesses stop being too clever and just start to understand when there is work to be done, it needs to be done. Sales are the result.

Real Estate companies are buying lists, working the lists through a marketing engine and when the people react, they connect and close.

What does this mean though, and can you do it yourself?

Well, after the PacMan conversation, I looked at our database and started to clean it, so I could support exactly that. No pre-qualification, no assumptions, just communication and quality.

This for you will likely involve building lists of people, and by that, I mean everyone you don’t do business with. Tag them, build a target list and start the marketing.

You need to build a process. Work people through that process and expect nothing until you have communicated a lot. Add value. Provide insights.

Through the process the marketing tool should provide information and act as a sieve to find the gold. Once the call or email or lead is complete, then you can act.

In this note, I won’t try to lay out a full lead-management strategy, but I wanted to share the reminder I received through the week, and to urge you to create a solution that works all your contacts, adds value, and finds new leads to grow your business.

As we build this out, we will share our learnings from the process, but I think the key is, please indicate your interest by giving us a call, and we will directly involve you in developing your own process to give you more sales opportunities.

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