Driving Sugar Adoption

– Demonstrating Value – 

In this week’s post we’re discussing an article by Martin Schneider that covers driving CRM adoption by demonstrating value to everyone in the organisation.

One of the primary causes for CRM implementation setbacks is the lack of user adoption.

A successful implementation not only requires support from Senior Management, but engagement at every level of the business.
So how do you drive this engagement? Through measurable benefits from use. As Martin remarks in his article:

Nothing drives user adoption more than tangible results, whether it is time saved or a sales bonus. Especially when there is a payoff for users.”

One of his case studies is Elaine Odell of the Hilco Group.

Elaine Odell of the Hilco Group won back her Friday nights.
Her last task each week was to prepare executive reports for a Monday meeting.  She’d work late into the night distilling information from sales, operations and business development. Today, she runs all the reports in under an hour. Small wonder why she is a Sugar evangelist at Hilco.”

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The full text of Martin’s article, including other case studies can be found here.

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