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From CRM for marketing and strategy to complete customer and sales lifecycle management.

We provide CRM tools and services including consultancy, design, software development, training and more.


Management Functions

Develop or support the creation of the business requirements, technical documentation, use cases and test cases needed to support the project.


Management Functions

Offer ideas, serve as a sounding board and provide a forward vision of how technology available now or in the future may impact the solution or service delivery roadmap.


Management Functions

Develop roadmaps and create innovation cycles constrained by budget, time and scope, and then monitor and guide the project execution team through the build and change management process.


Innovation Functions

Convert your business English requirements to the technical detail needed to build the solution.


Innovation Functions

Create the change, enhancement, integration, bug fix or report, using test cases to assess the quality of the final solution.


Innovation Functions

Validate the solution's performance towards the desired function and develop the documentation needed to support the training and change management processes.


Innovation Functions

All changes are delivered to you through a controlled UAT (User Acceptance Testing) process, where we walk through all cases and demonstrate all functions with you


Support Functions

Premium Help Desk takes the calls or requests from the web, email and phone. Help Desk reviews and categorises the requests based on impact to your business, method to resolve and complexity.


Support Functions

Track the assignment of work requests, look for patterns & root causes and make suggestions to improve the solution or the manner the solution is delivered to the business.


Support Functions

Change Management and training are interlinked to develop documentation, training and support materials needed by your team to streamline the use of the solution whilst delivering the service to your customer. It binds all aspects of the solution and its materials with the operational requirements to make the solutions work in place.


Support Functions

Train and educate the support and operational staff as required and as new features are delivered. It is delivered to suit the skillset, time availability and previous experiences of your team.



Security and Hosting reflect the needs and policy of your ICT guidelines by ensuring they align with the needs of the business and the integrations connected to the CRM platform.



Hosting includes the management and actual hosting service delivery for you. Depending upon your requirements, your servers will be hosted in secure AWS environments based on agreed specifications.

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With over 25 years working exclusively in the CRM domain we’ve worked in many industries, from the very large to the small. This experience allows us to pass on world best-practice. We speak your language and understand your concerns.

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My experience of the team broadly at CRM Strategy is positive. From an organisational sense, we have felt supported, listened to, and that CRM Strategy values working with us despite probably being at a smaller scale than many other customers you work with. There is clearly a culture of collaboration, focusing on solutions, actively listening to client needs and balancing the technical with the functional outcomes. I noticed very quickly the improvement in project documentation, resource and sprint planning and the leadership across the team members (less siloing and more transparency about who was working on what with us). From our perspective, it’s clear CRM Strategy has a great team of technical people that work hard for their clients, including us.

Sage Michaels

Projects Delivery Manager

Early Learning Association Australia

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“Sequoia Superannuation employed CRM Strategy for a long, complex project to improve our current systems with absolutely minimal disruptions to clients and staff operations. They have achieved both of these requirements whilst offering guidance and constructive suggestions along the way. Being able to understand our problem and actively assist us to improve, is vastly different from doing just what we ask. The latter has far less value, the former is invaluable. Thanks Brett, Jac & Team. Keep it up.“

Brent Jones


Sequoia Financial Group

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I have found CRM Strategy to be a very knowledgeable and supportive company built around sound expertise and a strong passion for CRM solutions. They openly listen to our challenges, are very willing to assist and then work collaboratively to find a solution. Communication is excellent and we are informed every step of the way by providing clear resolution pathway, budget and timings. Over the past few years, we have developed a strong relationship built around open, honest and transparent conversations that has developed a level of trust and comfort to continue on for years to come.

Pablo Neira

Doctor's Health Fund

Strategy & Innovation Manager

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“SugarCRM has helped us shift from poorly managed spreadsheets to having clear visibility of our opportunity pipeline over the next 2 years. The application of systemised processes, combined with a wealth of new data, is allowing us to target the deals we want to win, then invest resources to deliver more compelling value propositions.”

Aaron Hunt

Sales Capability Manager

ARC – The Australian Reinforcing Company

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An implementation strategy is critical to the success of your CRM rollout. The truth is the project is likely fail without one. A CRM is a mechanism to improve overall business performance, and technology only enables your CRM Strategy. It’s never the complete solution.
We’ve been helping our clients implement CRM strategies for over 25 years. Offering comprehensive CRM consultancy, we’re here to guide you through every step in the journey from planning to implementation. Read more about CRM as a business strategy or get in touch with us directly.

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Sugar CRM empowers your marketing, sales and services teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle for more meaningful, memorable experiences. Capture the attention of your most promising prospects. Create more meaningful experiences and build lasting relationships.

CRM Strategy is an Australian Sugar Elite Partner with a capacity to integrate your existing systems and scale your Sugar CRM application to suit the growth of your business, no matter its size. With four PC Mag Business Choice awards for Best Customer Experience, Sugar CRM is powerful, flexible, reliable and designed to scale.
Zoho One is an Operating System for your business. Integrated, online applications help you manage and automate business processes across your organisation. Choose apps that address your pain points, then deploy them to your employees. Every app comes with a mobile version, so you can work wherever you go.

With over forty connected applications in the Zoho One suite, including Zoho CRM, marketing and HR, your organisation will have access to a vast range of capabilities that are ready to use out of the box. Open and extensible, Zoho One has dedicated applications that address your business and remote working needs. CRM Strategy can extend this functionality even further with our ability to customise or even build new features into the suite.

We love to integrate new platforms to save you time and help you get the best of our custom CRM



CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management (also known as Customer Retention Management Software). When correctly implemented, CRM systems improve the quality of your organisation’s engagement with your customers and potential customers.
Modern CRM tools are cloud-based and run on all devices (from desktop to mobile), enabling your staff to track conversations, create and monitor sales pipelines and forecasts. Additionally many CRMs facilitate your customer service and marketing.
A quality CRM platform is designed around user and client security and also have advanced tools such as Artificial Intelligence, automation and sentiment analysis for providing automatic insights into the current state of your relationship with your customers.
Questions about CRM? Just ask us.