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CRM Strategy is your Elite SugarCRM partner in Australia.

Why you should care.

CRM Strategy has been part of the Australian CRM landscape for over 25 years. With such a solid understanding of the platform, we can integrate into any other tool of your choice, enhance existing features and customise the solution to fit your unique needs. Read more about us here.

SugarCRM is your versatile and scalable tool for long-term growth. It helps you cultivate customers for life by giving you the tools to consistently exceed their expectations. It does this by creating predictive insights to

  • Anticipate needs
  • Identify trends and other correlations
  • Make trusted predictions

Welcome to Sugar.

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Sugar Elite partner

A versatile CRM powered by experts who know how to optimise it.

With our extensive knowledge of SugarCRM we are able to tune the system to meet your business outcomes. 

Whether you seek an out of the box experience or a highly customised and integrated solution, CRM Strategy and SugarCRM are partners for the long-haul. We not only understand SugarCRM, but with our experience working with the solution over the long term, we can deliver the best results for you and your customers with rock-solid data-integrations, tuned system performance and architectural design that knows the system inside out.

What makes Sugar unique?

No-Touch information management

Sugar dynamically captures critical customer information from email, voice, text and other applications and enriches it with 3rd party data. With the addition of AI driven predictive insights it provides guidance on the next best action. All this with minimal or no data entry. As frontline employees use the system, the system learns and gets better at helping them.

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Sugar Discover

Time aware CX platform

SugarCRM adds a new dimension to the concept of 360-degree customer view: Time. While other platforms report on what the customer is doing right now, Sugar is the only platform built on an event-stream database that records every change in the customer journey. Sugar offers organisations rich insights into the past, present and future of their customers.

Continuous cloud innovation

Sugar is built on the most robust and advanced commercially available cloud technology available. Sugar SaaS solutions are built on a global infrastructure, allowing users to be truly able to scale, adopt new technology and expand to additional geographies.

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Lifetime commitment to customers

Unlike other powerful vendors who are known to dictate terms and prioritise their own interests, Sugar has a stated agenda of working with clients over the long haul. It makes a commitment to respect time, treat clients fairly and put their success above all else.

Control your solution and  data. Run in the cloud or on your own server.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to host your system on the cloud or servers completely under your own control. With SugarCRM, the choice and the location of your data is always up to you.

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Sugar Cloud.

Sugar market

Marketing automation.

  • Streamline campaign creation
  • understand customer engagement
  • improve conversion rates
  • increase revenue
Sugar sell

Sales force automation.

  • Spend less time entering and finding data
  • Improve predictability and oversight of sales
  • Manage activities and interactions
  • Drive greater customer loyalty
  • Streamline the sales cycle
Sugar Serve

Case management.

  • Spend less time entering and finding data
  • Improve predictability and oversight of sales
  • Manage activities and interactions
  • Drive greater customer loyalty
  • Streamline the sales cycle

On-Premise or private-host solutions.

  • Ideal for highly-tailored sales and service automation solutions
  • Increased control over software upgrades
  • Powerful product extension and integration capabilities
  • Available in two versions to match your needs and price points
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