CRM Strategy + SugarCRM: A winning strategy

SugarCRM logo

We’ve been configuring SugarCRM for clients and using the platform ourselves for over 8 years. In our experience, if you’re looking for a user friendly and highly customisable CRM, then Sugar is the answer.

We are typical of many of our own customers in so far as what began as a straightforward CRM tool has now evolved into an integral part of our business.

Besides using SugarCRM for customer relationship management, our system is central to operations and project management, client sentiment tracking, billing, marketing and tens of smaller yet equally important cogs in the machine of our business.


There are many reasons, and I’ll cover them further down, but what it boils down to is that SugarCRM allows us to have complete control of the technology powering our company. Being open source, the customisation options are only limited to the skills of our development team and our business need. When we add to that the freedom to host the system how we choose, we can scale as our data and storage needs grow with no concern for hidden costs or technical performance caps.