Corporate Memory Part 3

– Sugar Activity Streams – 

We’ve talked about the Sugar Knowledge Base and Document Library, but there is another tool currently in your Sugar CRM system that you may not be aware of, which can be a powerful contributor to capturing a complete view of your interactions with partners or clients.

The Sugar Activity Stream is a context-aware timeline that can be accessed from every main view of sugar. From the dashboard, the list view or down to the record view, the Activity Stream not only shows you a rolling timeline of activity related to records you’ve created or are actively following, but also provides the ability to have in-house chat with team members, or even link to external URLs, twitter-posts or sugar notes.

Chat with your Team

Having the ability to chat with other team members and see that conversation right next to the client record is a powerful experience. Being able to see the journal of that conversation can bring unique insights into our customers’ journey, and dramatically improve our understanding of the relationship.

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See what’s happening, system-wide.
Journaling  – 

Following on the theme of journaling, here’s an interesting read for anyone whose thought of keeping a journal, but struggled with that first, blank page…

Quick link this week:

6 Journaling Methods

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