Corporate Memory Part 2

– The Sugar Document Library – 

In part two of the series on corporate memory we’ll look at another tool Sugar provides to keep critical knowledge in-house.

The Sugar Document Library provides a robust facility to store documents of multiple types within the system itself. Where the Knowledge Base (Covered in last week’s post) is useful for procedures and corporate how-tos, the Document Library is a place to store key organsiational documents, whether they be product brochures, policy manuals, branded communication templates or any number of other document types.

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Sugar Document Library
Access to documents can be managed via a range of security settings, while the documents can be generated through editing tools within Sugar, via uploading external files or even accessing online tools such as Google Docs.

To make things even more flexible, a filtered list of documents can be made available on any user’s dashboard, so they always have access to the right document.

Sugar Document Dashboard
Memory and Movement  – 

And for those of us wanting to maintain our own brain-based databases, here’s an interesting article relating exercise to memory.

Quick link this week:

How 20 minutes of intense exercise can boost memory.

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