Building a marketing intelligence system is key to knowing your customers.

Marketing Intelligence systems are focused on being a single location that can tell you what you know about your clients, their needs and what communications have succeeded or failed and who has reacted in what manner to your messaging.

It is the single place where your market can be understood. 

In an ideal world, it should also contain operational data to overlay the marketing / relationship data to properly understand cause and effect.From this foundation, you can then build campaign strategies to will gain the results you desire and grow your client base.

Your system should be reporting to you monthly KPIs such as client churn, new clients numbers and work, segmentation information and mix changes, customer reactions, feedback good and bad, new interests and changes in buying patterns.

So, is your system currently a basic phone book or is it delivering real marketing intelligence ? If you don’t have the critical information you need at your finger tips when you are chatting with your clients, what conversation did you not have ? Recent surveys have shown that buy using our new discussions module, customer have created sales opportunities and new projects they didn’t know existed leading to increases in sales almost overnight.

Contact us today if you want to discuss how you can increase sales and obtain a free copy of our discussions module to help with business development.

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