Breaking Down Silos

Breaking down Silos


A heads up for the Change Management Team:

In today’s post we’re featuring an article by Kinear Young, Member Information Manager at WTCA.

The World Trade Centers Association needed to break down silos, centralise data and provide a way for members to freely share information. After investigating whether to custom-build their own CRM or go with Sugar, they chose the system that allowed them to start small and scale with them as they needed.

“Sugar seemed well tailored to our size, budget, and timeline”

A critical component of breaking down the silos was to use Sugar as a central hub for member information, facilitating self-service offerings for their members. Kinear notes that now, “our members, head office, and regional outposts have more reliable information at their fingertips.”

Kinear identified that getting key people familiar with the system was critical to the successful adoption of Sugar. As she writes, “Our employees’ comfort with the system and the speed with which I could tailor it as an administrator changed everything.”


From her experience implementing the system, Kinear has identified five best practices for effective adoption.

  1. Develop a multi-year plan that that is realistic to follow
  2. Start building small and then increase the complexity later
  3. Ensure training
  4. Integrate, integrate, integrate…
  5. Connect with other users of the CRM


As she writes,“Sugar is an ever-evolving system. Both our internal teams and our members voice their requirements, and we use Sugar’s scalability to help meet their needs.”

Keneir notes that, with a track record of success, the WTCA are looking for other ways to integrate. Next for them is integrating a document management system, then later, a switch to a different, integrated accounting system.

You can read the full article here…

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