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What Our Clients Say

"SugarCRM has helped us shift from poorly managed spreadsheets to having clear visibility of our opportunity pipeline over the next 2 years. The application of systemised processes, combined with a wealth of new data, is allowing us to target the deals we want to win, then invest resources to deliver more compelling value propositions."

Aaron Hunt - Sales Capability Manager, 

ARC - The Australian Reinforcing Company

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We know CRM

At CRM Strategy we focus on business outcomes first, and technology second. We believe that tools should fit the need. With over 25 years experience solely developing CRM solutions across many industry verticals, we have successfully delivered hundreds of CRM implementations.

A CRM Strategy for excellence.

Our value to you is to ensure that technology supports your business plan or strategy. To do this, CRM Strategy develops centres of excellence in the technologies it supports. From early consulting and audits through full solution design, development, education, change management and support, we offer a comprehensive outcome driven engagement. This delivers a one-stop point of contact for your team to gain advice or assistance through your journey. CRM Strategy has developed methodologies and strategies to deliver rapid value, practical solutions where the focus is on what you need, rather than what the technology does.

We are data experts.

With in-house full time Data Engineers on staff, we have the experience and resources to connect to virtually any database you may need. We understand DB optimisation and the pitfalls of migrating from one system to another, and can safely guide you as you upgrade or transition to a new system.

We know integration.

One core signature of our expertise is integration to other key systems to provide a complete picture of operations. To do this, the CRM Strategy team have created an integration framework to fast start all integration activities, supported by market-leading ETL platforms like Talend and SugarCRM Integrate to create rock solid, high performance solutions to connect any systems to any other system. The result delivers all the data you need in one place, connecting activity to result. With the data consolidated, your team can get real-time data for better decision making sand control over core processes.

To further assist our clients, we have developed connectors for SAP, Navision, Arrow Accounting, MYOB, Xero, JD Edwards, Symix for accounting and ERP. It doesn't stop there. Our integration framework extends to government services like ATSIC or specialists services like Green ID, Credit management services, payment gateways, document management systems, digital vaults, insurance systems and anything else our clients have needed over the years. We even integrated to an MS Dos system. Integration is our friend. It should be yours too.

Some of our clients

With over 25 years working exclusively in the CRM domain we have worked in many industries, from the very large to the small. This experience allows us to pass on world best-practice. We speak your language and understand your concerns.

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Why choose CRM Strategy?

As one of the longest running companies in the CRM domain in Australia, CRM Strategy has been part of the evolution of this technology from the start. We understand how it works, but more importantly, we understand how our clients work, and the needs of their specific industry.

We have delivered these solutions into many domains; some of which are listed below:

  • CRM for financial planning.
  • CRM for marketing.
  • CRM for manufacturing.
  • CRM for distribution.
  • CRM for health.
  • CRM for logistics.
  • CRM for insurance.
  • CRM for government organisations.
  • CRM for waste management.
  • CRM for lawyers.

Our technology partners.

We partner with the best CRM technology vendors and support companies in the world. As domain specialists we know how to leverage the strength of these systems to best suit our customers' unique needs.


Case studies

Financial planning

Financial Advisors use CRM for better conversion.

​The Problem: High customer interest, low conversion.

The Need: A financial advisor and brokerage firm was consistently missing sales targets. Attendance for events and client information evenings was high, and lead indicators suggested a strong appetite for their services. This was not reflected in sales.

How We Helped: We designed a custom reporting system for senior management, running from realtime sales and events data. This showed which advisors were doing well, and where they excelled, as well as where the underperforming advisors were falling short in their sales process.

The Result: The client rejuvenated the sales team, supporting this by a strong onboarding and education processes. At the conclusion of the programme, sales targets were not only met, but exceeded.

Wine distribution

Beverage distributor increases efficiency to explode sales.

The Problem: Inefficient client visits and low sales. 

The Need: A beverage distributor had sales people travel to retail outlets to schedule and conduct tastings and take orders for new products. They needed an automatic visit planner to schedule visits, record orders, check realtime market prices and find nearby customers in case a meeting was canceled.

How We Helped: CRM Strategy created a sales process management and ordering solution that automated schedules, presented relevant buying statistics with inbuilt ordering functionality and a way to plot nearby customers on a map. In addition, it provided a way to record feedback from tasting sessions so the sales person was always up to date on how consumers felt about the product.

The Result: Increased efficiency in the ordering process, with realtime data placing the sales person in a stronger position to negotiate, resulting in increased sales. With no wasted time due to cancelled meetings and improved order tracking, the company saw a large ROI with high sales.


Private health insurers benefit from unified system.

The Problem: Too many systems.

 The Need: A consortium of health funds needed a single, unified system to help manage leads and convert them to memberships which were stored in a common business system.

How We Helped: With extensive consultation with the client consortium, we delivered an end-to end lead conversion process which was APRA compliant with data security and performance monitoring. This integrated with a digital signing platform to enable signing of membership, claims and government documents, as well as with call centre and workforce planning to deliver a holistic contact centre solution.

The Result: A single unified platform common to all users in the consortium. Improved customer experience and enhanced communication with all parties in the transaction. Better reporting resulted in clearer understanding of lead demographics, including location, gender, average number of touch points with consultants. Most importantly: Delighted clients.


​Manufacturers reduce costs.

The Problem: Compliance, sales and project planning in a regulated environment.

The Need: A manufacturing and installation organisation working in a heavily regulated sector had a number of discreet systems in place to manage their end-to-end sales, installation and compliance processes. In addition to high individual licensing costs, each of these systems had a different user experience. Standardising processes was impossible and staff onboarding was ad-hoc.

How We Helped: We built an end-to-end system that delivered all of the sought outcomes and added additional value with automated lead followups, tracking variations during project delivery, integration with compliance systems, and a custom mobile application to track project execution. This was all wrapped in near real-time reporting to assist in planning and forecasting.

The Result: Higher sales through more efficient sales engine. Reduced operational costs through an integrated project execution system. Lower software licensing fees. Better visibility to planning and forecasting. Full compliance with government regulations for the sector.

How can CRM Strategy help me?

Here are some of our areas of expertise. We'd love to chat with you about your needs.

CRM & 
Marketing on Mobile

Whatever platform, whatever device: realtime access to critical business functions with an optimised interface.


Campaign metrics, web traffic, site usage, automatic A/B testing, sentiment analysis and more.


Custom development extends the functionality of your tool of choice. Empower your CRM. Leverage Data.

Sales Force 

Free up valuable resources and reach higher efficiency, better sales and improved customer satisfaction.


Forecasting, quotas, approval automation, total client lifecycle management for faster, better sales.

Change Management

Guidance for all stakeholders. Let us help you optimise your business through strategic tools.


Automatic realtime information from multiple sources. 24x7 reporting and data that proactively comes to you.

EDM & 
Social Campaigns

Dynamic content, multichannel coms, social integration, higher conversion through better messaging. 

& Training

From one-on-one to group classes, we help your staff become more effective  contributors to your business.